Java [applet] port of Lander, by Mark Injerd.
Version 0.2.0 (alpha)
Original developer: George Moromisato

Controls (keyboard)

Down arrow: Main thruster
Left arrow: Left thruster (move right)
Right arrow: Right thruster (move left)
F2: New
F3: Restart


• This is an early alpha and there are some bugs and obvious things missing such as options, on-screen controls, and the ability to land in flat areas other than the landing pad.
• If nothing happens when pressing the keys, try clicking outside of the applet and then click one of the buttons (New, Restart, Options). If there is a way to fix it, it will hopefully be fixed in the next version.
• The F-keys may conflict with browser shortcut keys if not properly focused, use at your own risk. The F-keys are used with the intention of staying true to the original.