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== Pro version ==
<!--== Pro version ==
[[Image:coinflippro_qrcode.png|right|150px|Scan this QR Code with an Android device to go to Coinflip Pro in the Android Market]]
[[Image:coinflippro_qrcode.png|right|150px|Scan this QR Code with an Android device to go to Coinflip Pro in the Android Market]]
The Pro version is currently intended to be an ad-free donation, but depending on how well it performs, that may change in the future.<br />
The Pro version is currently intended to be an ad-free donation, but depending on how well it performs, that may change in the future.<br />
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== Backstory ==
== Backstory ==

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Coinflip is a typical coin-flipping game. The coin is flipped when you call heads or tails and you win if you guessed right.
Includes 3 coins: US quarter, US $1, Canada $2.

Scan this QR Code with an Android device to go to Coinflip in the Android Market


coinflip.pilot51.com (forwards here)
Coinflip in Android Market
Coinflip on AppBrain
Coinflip Pro in Android Market
Coinflip Pro on AppBrain


This is the timeline of Coinflip and my programming experiences from initial creation to release on Android.

~2005: I originally programmed Coinflip on my Casio fx-7400G graphing calculator, where the core functionality was put in place.

August 2008: I started learning C++ and converted Coinflip to it with few changes, but shortly became discouraged by the difficulty of teaching myself beyond the basics.

My 2010 New Years resolution was to extensively learn a programming language by the end of the year, which essentially means half-decent 2D or basic 3D applications.

April 15, 2010: I began learning Java with an online friend using Eclipse SDK and quickly became hooked to the point of holding off sleep well into the next day on several occasions.
Coinflip was converted from C++ to Java, again without many changes, but with the help of my friend and several side-projects, I learned quickly and with great interest.

May 1, 2010: I learned Swing (Java GUI) with my project for calculating the value of building purchases in the 'World War' game for Android/iPhone.

May 6, 2010: I began learning Android development and naturally my first objective was to make Coinflip. This was where Coinflip finally got a GUI and changed more than any of the other variations.

May 15, 2010: Coinflip released on the Android Market as my first program available to the public!


v1.1.2 [2010-11-13]

  • Initial release of Pro.
  • Pro: No ads.
  • Changed: New game is saved immediately after setting start credits.
  • Tweaked: Position and size of pre-flip coin.
  • Changed: Don't show Heads and Tails buttons for no-guess flip.
  • Added: Landscape orientation.
  • Fixed: Result text remaining when starting new round in no-bet continuous mode.
  • Fixed: Delay of enabling Ok button after no-guess flip.
  • Changed: Reduced max decimal place for scores from 5 to 2 to make it friendlier for small screens.
  • Added: Preset bet buttons.
  • Added: Win percentages.
  • Updated: AdWhirl SDK from 2.5.4 to 2.5.5 and AdMob SDK from 20100709 to 20101109.
  • Fixed: Best score displaying for current game instead of all-time as intended.

v1.1.1 [2010-10-23]

  • Improved: Layouts optimized for small QVGA screens, coin scaled down to fit if actual size is too big.
  • Added: Preference for continuous play.
  • Added: Preference for speed of game.
  • Changed: Saving is done automatically, no more manual save.
  • Changed: More score information on main screen.
  • Added: Win streaks.
  • Changed: Text in About dialog is smaller and linkified.
  • Changed: Market button in About dialog is now More Apps and goes to developer apps instead of Coinflip.
  • Fixed: Pre-flip coin not positioned properly over hand for most devices.
  • Changed: Money text box is cleared between start money and bet.
  • Changed: Virtual keyboard for money entry is numeric keypad.
  • Improved: Several code efficiency tweaks that shouldn't be noticeable to the user.
  • Changed: Data is saved as preference type instead of to a file.
  • Fixed: Loss of unsaved game when going back from the bet screen to main screen.
  • Fixed: Display of saved high score on main screen is updated when saved.
  • Removed: Menu option to exit.
  • Removed: 'Thank you for playing!' and 1 second delay on exit.
  • Fixed: Previous score being loaded instead of current.
  • Added: Ads, because the donation model completely failed.

Release 2 (v1.1.0) [2010-05-31]

  • Fixed: Back button losing unsaved game data.
  • Added: Mode to flip without guessing.
  • Changed: Pressing back button while in main menu is identical to Exit (temp data cleared).
  • Changed: Icon to eliminate hard edges.
  • Added: Hand images for flip sequence with overlay of selected coin on thumb.
  • Added: History, Changelog, and Market buttons to About dialog.
  • Changed: Moved About and Exit options to menu button.
  • Added: Support for 1.5 (Cupcake).
  • Added: Preferences to menu button including sound toggle, coin selection, reset preferences, and clear game data.
  • Added: Sounds for flip and landing.
  • Added: Coin images at actual size with random orientation.
  • Added: Support for moving to SD card (Froyo).

Release 1 (v1.0.0) [2010-05-15]

  • Initial release to the Android Market!

Started development on 2010-05-06

Future releases

Feature requests

Feature requests are given strong consideration and if accepted they are given higher priority than other features of similar importance.
This list also includes features that were already in the internal to-do list when they were suggested.
Versions for feature releases are only preliminary and may change.

Suggestion Suggested by Through Projected version Notes
Image animation Ehsan Market comment v1.2.0

Known Issues

Issue Affected Android versions Affected hardware Affected versions Expected fix version Notes Reported by Through
Icons for house ads are not displayed properly. Not SDK issue High and low density screens v1.1.1 - v1.1.2 v1.1.3 Issue in AdWhirl SDK v2.5.5 and earlier, incompatibility with a manifest setting required in Coinflip for image scaling.

Will be fixed in next release of AdWhirl SDK.

Can't view both history and changelog in same instance, first viewed gets stuck on both Not SDK issue v1.1.1 - v1.1.2 v1.1.3 Will probably get rid of history anyway, only keeping it in wiki.