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Welcome to Pilot_51's Wiki.

This wiki is intended to organize information regarding games, software development, and technology in general. It mainly focuses on my own projects.

If you wish to contribute, in particular where information is missing such as the Battlefield 1942 and Xfire development articles, please contact me and I can create an account for you.

Major articles



Battlefield 1942



I can be contacted through any of the mediums listed below.
Important note: If given the option, please explain why you are contacting me in your request or you WILL be denied! It is likely that requests will also be denied if it is impossible to include a message. This is because I get a lot of spammers. Email, Google+, Twitter, Xfire, or AIM are recommended.

Email: pilota51(a)
AIM: PilotA51
ICQ: 85196460
MSN: areapilot51(a)
Yahoo: Pilot_A51
Skype: pilot_51
Xfire: pilot51
Steam: Pilot_51
Twitter: Pilot_51
Google+: Mark Injerd
Mumble: Pilot_51 @