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Sources: {{{sources}}}
Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Name/variant {{{rvar}}} {{{bfvar}}} {{{bfrvar}}}
Dimensions {{{rdimension}}} {{{bfdimension}}} {{{bfrdimension}}}
Total weight {{{rweight}}} {{{bfweight}}} {{{bfrweight}}}
Features/settings {{{rfeature}}} {{{bffeature}}} {{{bfrfeature}}}
Explosives (type, weight, etc.) {{{rexp}}} {{{bfexp}}} {{{bfrexp}}}
Fuse timing/time-to-live {{{rttl}}} {{{bfttl}}} {{{bfrttl}}}
Notes {{{rnotes}}} {{{bfnotes}}} {{{bfrnotes}}}