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Sources: Wikipedia
Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant Type 5 Rifle Type5 Type5
Dimensions {{{rdimension}}} {{{bfdimension}}} {{{bfrdimension}}}
Weight None None
Crew 1 1 1
Ammunition capacity 10 round charger-loading magazine 10 rounds x 3 mags 10 rounds x 3 mags
Ammunition weight (See M1GarandProjectile) (See M1GarandProjectile)
Rate of fire Semi-automatic, 3.2rps (192rpm)

5 second reload time

Semi-automatic, 3.2rps (192rpm)

5 second reload time

Muzzle velocity 1000m/s 853m/s
Firing range Maximum: (See M1GarandProjectile) Maximum: (See M1GarandProjectile)
Tracer range/time None None
Elevation range
Elevation rate
Traverse range
Traverse rate
Notes Copy of the American M1 Garand

None of the rifles entered into service before the end of the war, with only 250 made and many never assembled