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Sources: Wikipedia
Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant AichiVal D3A1 AichiVal-T AichiVal-T
Dimensions Length: 10.2m

Wingspan: 14.37m
Height: 3.85m

Weight Empty: 2,408kg

Max: 3,650kg

3000kg 3000kg
Crew 2 (pilot and rear gunner) 2 (pilot and rear gunner) 2 (pilot and rear gunner)
Capacity (passengers, vehicles, etc.)
Max speed 389km/h (108m/s)
Range 1,472km Unlimited Unlimited
Max altitude 9300m
Engine performance Mitsubishi Kinsei 44, 798 kW (1,070 hp)
Control surfaces Flaps angle: -2 to 2 Flaps angle: -30 to 0
Bomb capacity 1 × 250kg or 2 × 60kg bombs 15 torpedos 1 torpedo

See AichiVal for gun details.