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Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant Bofors 40mm (probably either Mark III or Mark VII) AA_Base AA_Base
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Crew 1 1
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Ammunition capacity Total ammo varies; 4 round clips, continuous feed Unlimited Unlimited
Ammunition weight
Rate of fire 120rpm (2rps) 3rps (180rpm) 2rps (120rpm)
Muzzle velocity 881m/s 300m/s 881m/s
Recoil 10 speed, 3 size 10 speed, 3 size
Firing range 7,160m
Tracer range/time
Elevation range 2 degrees down to 80 degrees up 2 degrees down to 80 degrees up
Elevation rate
Traverse range 360 degrees 360 degrees
Traverse rate
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