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This map was created by Pilot_51 (me). I originally got the idea while I was on a Midway server and someone suggested that somebody make a pure naval map, and sure enough I picked up the idea and started making it. The rest of the story as far as the progress of the map is basically told in the change logs. Unlike my Stunting Grounds map, I'm going with a simpler version system and I'm not giving it beta status. The versions are identified by the very straight-forward release numbers, which really helps eliminate any guesswork on my part as to what version to call it and any confusion for anyone else.

Tools used: Battlecraft 1942 v2.1 and winRFA 2.05


 Jason9811 for suggesting the name
 Someone (I forget who) in the '[5th MR] Midway Only 24/7' server who suggested that somebody make a pure naval map
Bug reports:
 (Nobody yet)
Special thanks:
 Members of X-Clan
And much thanks to you and everyone else for playing my map!


Note: Generally, to-do is in order of newest on bottom and change history is in order of newest on top.


-Add a permanent thumbnail and loading screen
-Convert to Forgotten Hope (suggested by 25.'HUNYADI' rome) once there is nothing else in to-do list
-Add AI
-Increase ticket bleed speed at end of Conquest round

Change history

Release 6 [2008-03-14]

 -Changed spawn camera positions
 -Changed createNotInGrid to 0
 -Swapped sides, US at north-east and Japan at south-west
 -Decreased view distance from 4096 to 600 and fogend from 4000 to 500
 -Same number of ships and similar arrangement as release 4
 -Removed all object modifications (fixes server crash)
WWII Reality
  Designed with WWII Reality release 2 in mind; extra spawn points won't work until then or unless there is a server-side mod to make the spawns work
  -Same number of ships and similar arrangement as release 5
  -Increased world size and active combat area from 4096 to 8192
  -Increased view distance and fogend to 6000

Release 5 [2007-10-08]

 -Decreased tickets from 500 to 100
 -Increased TicketLostPerMin from 20 to 1000
 -Reorganized ships into a new formation for the new ship count
 -Increased LOD distances from default to 5000 for flags, ship smoke, and sinking effects (might be broken)
 -Fixed disappearing of Zero, Sub7C, landing craft, rafts; the problem was that they were missing the cullRadiusScale property
 -Removed LOD modifications to cockpit and first person objects
 -Increased LOD distances from 4000 to 5000
 -Increased view distance from 2048 to 4096 and fogend from 2000 to 4000
 -Replaced SBD and ArchiVal bombers with their torpedo versions
 -Fixed rafts so they don't take damage from the water
 -New ship count: 2 carriers, 2 battleships, 4 destroyers, and 2 subs per team
 -Added more ships, this time without the spawn bug
 -Changed yscale from 0.6 to 0, which fixes a problem with the ground sticking up to a few meters under the water surface at a couple edges of the map
 -Changed texture offsets from 4 to 0
 -Changed seaFloorLevel from 0 to -90
 -Changed lodDistance for terrain from 1000 to 0 since terrain is always hidden deep under the ocean, this could improve performance but probably not noticeably
 -Changed teamOnVehicle back to 1 for Conquest, left on 0 for TDM (that means you can steal enemy ships in TDM)
 -Fixed the Conquest round end by changing TicketLostPerMin from 0 to 20

Release 4 [2007-10-04]

 -Added a map description for Conquest
 -Increased LOD distances on all vehicles and some effects for full detail at 4000 meters
 -Changed TDM so ships respawn after 5 minutes
 -Generated in-game map
 -Changed some minor values in vehicle spawns
 -Changed teamOnVehicle from 1 to 0 on all ships
 -Added Conquest, which ends the round when all ships on one team are sunk

Release 3 [2007-09-19]

 -Changed spawn camera position
 -Changed a few object spawn values
 -New ship count: 1 carrier, 1 battleship, 2 destroyers, and 1 sub per team (same as Midway)
 -Fixed spawn point selection bug; it turns out that there can only be one type of ship object per team, otherwise the spawns of identical ships get combined.

Release 2 [2007-04-26]

 -Added rafts near the 4 corners of the map
 -Increased fog distance to 2000
 -Switched with a large 4096x4096 map

Release 1 [2007-04-23]

 -Each team has 1 carrier, 2 battleships, 4 destroyers, and 2 subs
 -TDM only