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Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant Rocket Launcher, M1 "Bazooka" Bazooka Bazooka
Dimensions {{{rdimension}}} {{{bfdimension}}} {{{bfrdimension}}}
Weight 6.8kg None None
Crew 2 (operator and loader) 1 1
Features/settings A small lamp is used as a circuit tester
Ammunition capacity 1 1 x 6 1 x 6
Ammunition weight 1.59kg (See BazookaProjectile) (See BazookaProjectile)
Rate of fire 5.6 second reload time 7 second reload time
Muzzle velocity ~81m/s 50m/s 81m/s
Recoil None None None
Firing range 365m max

135m effective

(See BazookaProjectile) (See BazookaProjectile)
Tracer range/time Flame + smoke trail Flame + smoke trail
Elevation range
Elevation rate
Traverse range
Traverse rate