Carrier AA Base

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Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant Bofors 40mm (probably Mark 3) Carrier_AA_Base Carrier_AA_Base
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Crew 1 1
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Ammunition capacity Total ammo varies; 4 round clips, continuous feed

Most USA ships: 2,000rpg UK HMS Vanguard: 1,269rpg (including 34 practice) German Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen: 2,000rpg German S-Boats: 500rpg

Unlimited 2000
Ammunition weight Bofors: 2.1kg (complete round), 0.93kg (AB projectile)

USA: 2.15kg (complete round), 0.900kg (HE projectile) UK: 2.21kg (complete round), 0.894kg (HE projectile) Germany: 0.955kg (HE projectile) Japan: 1.002kg (HE projectile)

Undefined Undefined
Rate of fire 120rpm (2rps) nominal, 140-160rpm (~2.33-~2.66rps) when horizontal (gravity assist) 3rps (180rpm) 2rps (120rpm)
Muzzle velocity USA Marks 1 and 2: 881m/s

UK Mark NI: 829m/s Germany Flak 28: 854m/s Japanese Type 5: 900m/s

300m/s 881m/s
Recoil 20-22cm 10 speed, 3 size 10 speed, 3 size
Firing range USA HE Mark 2 shell: 10,180m @ 45°; 6,797m AA ceiling

UK HE shell: 9,830m @ 45°; 7,160m AA ceiling German HE shell: 9,600m @ 45°; 7,000m AA ceiling Japan HE shell: 10,000m @ 50°; 8,000m AA ceiling @ 90°; 3,000m max effective

Random between 0.8 and 1.4 seconds Random between 0.8 and 1.4 seconds
Tracer range/time 4,570m horizontal; 2,740m vertical None None
Elevation range USA Mark 1 Twin, Mark 2 Quad, and Mark 4 Quad: 15° down to 90° up

USA Mark 3 Single: 6° down to 90° up

2° down to 80° up 6° down to 90° up
Elevation rate USA Mark 1 Twin and Mark 2 Quad: 24° per second

USA Mark 4 Quad: 55° per second

Traverse range 360° 360° 360°
Traverse rate USA Mark 1 Twin and Mark 2 Quad: 26° per second

USA Mark 4 Quad: 50° per second

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