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MDT Description

This property sets which LOD (Level Of Detail) of the model will be seen at a particular distance. Here is an example:

GeometryTemplate.Create StandardMesh italianhouse09_m1
GeometryTemplate.File italianhouse09_m1
GeometryTemplate.SetLodDistance 0 0
GeometryTemplate.SetLodDistance 1 50
GeometryTemplate.SetLodDistance 2 100
GeometryTemplate.SetLodDistance 3 200
GeometryTemplate.SetLodDistance 4 400
GeometryTemplate.SetLodDistance 5 800

The first argument represents the LOD that will be shown to a player (0 is for the first LOD, 1 is for the second LOD, etc.). The second argument represents the distance (in meters) at which you will begin to see the LOD. Each subsequent LOD has less detail than the one before it. A model can have up to six meshes that represent it. The number of IDs must match the number of LODs you are using in the exported mesh.

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