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Sources: Wikipedia
Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant M1 Garand M1Garand M1Garand
Dimensions {{{rdimension}}} {{{bfdimension}}} {{{bfrdimension}}}
Weight 4.3-4.6kg None None
Crew 1 1 1
Features/settings Contrary to widespread misconception, partially expended or full clips can be ejected from the rifle by means of the clip latch button. It is also possible to load single cartridges into a partially loaded clip while the clip is still in the magazine, but this requires both hands and a bit of practice. Can only reload when empty Can only reload when empty
Ammunition capacity 8 rounds 8 rounds x 4 mags 8 rounds x 4 mags
Ammunition weight 9.7-14g (See M1GarandProjectile) (See M1GarandProjectile)
Rate of fire 16–24rpm (0.266-0.4rps) effective 3.2rps (192rpm)

4 second reload time

3.2rps (192rpm)

4 second reload time

Muzzle velocity 853m/s 1000m/s 853m/s
Firing range 457m effective (See M1GarandProjectile) (See M1GarandProjectile)
Tracer range/time None None
Elevation range
Elevation rate
Traverse range
Traverse rate


BF1942 timetolive: 1 WWII Reality timetolive: 120 BF1942 gravitymodifier: 0 WWII Reality gravitymodifier: 1