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MDT description

The AddArmorEffect property allows you to choose an effect when the objects drops below a certain number of hitpoints. The effect will stay on until it reaches the next armor effect.

For example, the Corsair shows that when the Hitpoints of the vehicle reaches 65, it will start the effect em_corsairDamage at a position of 0/0.103/2.11 relative to the center of the plane. The effect em_PlaneDamage will also begin. These effects will stay active until 20 hitpoints are reached, them the e_corsairFire effect will start and the previous effects will disappear. -1 hitpoints has a special meaning that the object is in water.

ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 65 em_CorsairDamage 0/0.103/2.11
ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 65 em_PlaneDamage 0/0.103/2.61
ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 20 e_CorsairFire 0/1/3
ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 0 e_ExplGas 0/0/0
ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 0 e_ScrapMetal_Corsair 0/0/0
ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect -1 WaterWaterExplosion 0/0/0.

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