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MDT description

In BF this is used only in the binoculars' Objects.con file:

 ObjectTemplate.ProjectileTemplate BinocularsProjectile
 ObjectTemplate.Projectile2Template BinocularsProjectile2

This template makes the "scouting for artillery" object come into being for 120 seconds, i.e.

 ObjectTemplate.Create Projectile BinocularsProjectile2
 rem ObjectTemplate.NetworkableInfo SpyProjectileInfo
 ObjectTemplate.TimeToLive CRD_NONE/120/0/0
 ObjectTemplate.HasCollisionPhysics 0
 ObjectTemplate.GravityModifier 0.0
 ObjectTemplate.HasCollisionEffect 0

That said, this is almost exactly the same object as is created by ProjectileTemplate, which makes a BinocularsProjectile. The only difference in the .con file is that this BinocularsProjectile object also has this defined:

 ObjectTemplate.DamageType 3

A DamageType of 3 defines the "projectile" as a binoculars sighting.

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