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MDT description

When used in Objects.con, this property sets the maximum rotation angles in degrees for an object, from its initial position. This and SetMinRotation define the range of motion of any object, be it a gun emplacement, a view out of a vehicle, etc. The first value is the yaw rotation, i.e. how much you can turn your head left or right. The second value is the pitch rotation, i.e. how much you can nod up and down. The last number is the forwards movement of the object such as an Engine, or the maximum roll rotation (e.g. for a steering wheel).

When used in Physics.con, this property has a different meaning. See SetMinRotation for a full explanation. The properties SetMinRotation, SetMaxRotation, SetMaxSpeed, and SetAcceleration control how an engine responds to player input, they do not otherwise change the speed chracteristics of a vehicle in any other way.

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