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MDT description

SetRotation sets the direction and angles of a child object attached to the current object by the AddTemplate command. The angle is in terms of yaw/pitch/roll. You are looking down the Z axis and Y is up, X to the right. Imagine turning your head to left, then the right. Your head is rotating in the XZ axis, the first parameter (aka yaw). Now imagine looking up, then down. Now your head is rotating in the YZ axis, the second parameter (aka pitch). Now, keep looking forward, but tilt your head to the left, then right. It is rotating in the XY axis, the last parameter (aka roll). The units used for this parameter are degrees (1 - 360) but you can have negative degrees as well. If you define multiple rotations, they happen in this order.

The angle is relative to the orientation of the parent object. If this command is omitted, the angles will be at 0/0/0.

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