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Sources: Wikipedia
Real life BF1942 BF1942: WWII Reality (current)
Variant Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) Sg44 Sg44
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Weight 5.22kg None None
Crew 1 1 1
Ammunition capacity 30 rounds 30 rounds x 5 mags 30 rounds x 5 mags
Ammunition weight 8.1g (See sg44Projectile) (See sg44Projectile)
Rate of fire 500-600rpm (~8.33-10rps) 9rps (540rpm)

3.8 second reload time

9rps (540rpm)

3.8 second reload time

Muzzle velocity 685m/s 1000m/s 685m/s
Firing range Effective: 300m Maximum: (See sg44Projectile) Maximum: (See sg44Projectile)
Tracer range/time None None
Elevation range
Elevation rate
Traverse range
Traverse rate