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This is probably one of the longest/slowest improving maps in the BF1942 mapping community, which I started in late 2003 a few days after Battlecraft 1942 was released. One reason for the slow progress is that I'm relying far more on suggestions which I'm not getting than I am my own ideas to push the map along. I urge anyone that wants this map to improve to contact me in one of the many ways about any suggestions or bug reports you have.

The editor I use is Battlecraft 1942, very easy compared to many other editors with the fact that I got a map working on my first try after using it for a few minutes, I couldn't get a map close to working with the other editors after days trying to figure it out. There was one other map which was used primarily for testing the map editor, which was my first working map, obviously named 'Test'.

Please do not claim this map as your own or try making money from it. You may modify it and give it out as long as you mention me as the creator (i.e. 'Created by: Pilot_51/modified by: you'), and I suggest you keep this information file with it. If you claim it as your creation by removing my name as the creator and I find out, I'll do anything I can to correct it (it has happened once already). As long as you follow that rule, I encourage the modification, distribution, and use of my map.

Contact me with bug reports, suggestions, questions, or comments (basically anything to do with my map, big or small) with any of the communication mediums listed below. Don't forget to mention the version of the map you have. If you include your nickname with the bug report or suggestion and I use it, I'll add you to the credits below. The credits are in alphabetical order and I will update any names that I find have changed. It's likely that I missed a few, so if you're not in the credits and you've contacted me with a suggestion or bug report that I used, please let me know and I'll add you to the credits.

I must give much thanks to the Lightning Raiders Squadron «L·R·S» and Victory Is Assured [VIA] for being two great clans I've been a member of during my first couple years of BF1942 gaming. As of this version of my map, I am a new member of the X-Clan, which is one of the only clans existing that still plays BF1942 unmodded.

Since v0.29c, I've been making each new version of Stunting Grounds available on my site, calling them "beta" without the "public" or "private". Not long before the release of v0.31, I've made all existing versions available. Due to the long process of submitting it to other file hosters, I will continue to only submit the occasional version to them. However, I expect to release the final version before long, so I will probably wait until that's ready before I make another submission.

Websites & contact info

Map wiki page:
Map forum thread:
X-Clan website:
X-Clan forums:

Email: pilota51 (at) gmail (dot) com
MSN: areapilot51 (at) hotmail (dot) com
ICQ: 85196460
AIM: P51pub
Yahoo: Pilot_A51
Xfire: pilot51
Skype: pilot_51


If the filename already exists in the directory and you want to keep it, back it up before installing the map. Changing the filename of a map file will cause BF1942 not to start, that is unless you know how to edit the contents within the rfa file.
If you do not know how to extract zip files, please do not contact me, look for other sources of information such as the help documents for your operating system or the archiver you use or try searching online with a search engine like Google.

For regular BF1942:
Simply extract the Stunting_Grounds.rfa file from the root of the zip to your 'C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\mods\bf1942\archives\bf1942\levels' directory (this is the default directory, change as necessary).

The installation instructions below are only if you have the mods mentioned. If you only want to play this map in regular BF1942, ignore the below.

For Action Battlefield:
1. Install the map as directed above.
2. Extract Stunting_Grounds.rfa from the ActionBF folder to '[BF1942 directory]\mods\ActionBF\archives\bf1942\levels'

For InstaGib:
1. Install the map as directed above.
2. Extract Stunting_Grounds.rfa from the InstaGib folder to '[BF1942 directory]\mods\InstaGib\archives\bf1942\levels'

For Stunts:
1. Install the map as directed above.
2. Extract Stunting_Grounds.rfa from the Stunts folder to '[BF1942 directory]\mods\Stunts\archives\bf1942\levels'

For StuntsInc:
1. Install the map as directed above.
2. Extract Stunting_Grounds.rfa from the StuntsInc folder to '[BF1942 directory]\mods\StuntsInc\archives\bf1942\levels'

For TurboMOD:
1. Install the map as directed above.
2. Extract Stunting_Grounds.rfa from the TurboMOD folder to '[BF1942 directory]\mods\TurboMOD\archives\bf1942\levels'


 NeoExelor (suggestion not implemented yet)
 zavaboy (suggestion not implemented yet)
Bug reports:
Special thanks:
 Members of Lightning Raiders Squad, Victory Is Assured, and X-Clan
And much thanks to you and everyone else for playing my map!


Note: Generally, to-do is in order of newest on bottom and change history is in order of newest on top.


-Support co-op and single player [suggested by NeoExelor]
-Fix windmill ladder so climbing down isn't dangerous
-Add dirt jump going to a broken bridge [suggested by Jason9811]
-Support Desert Combat (likely need a total conversion, standalone RFA)
-Add localized sound, such as music in the town
-Add spawning landmines [suggested by mikemoo12]
-Fix mini-map so the iron bridge appears accurately
-Match the light direction to the skybox sun (use Bocage as a guide)
-If possible, use the Ju88a directly from Battle of Britain and the static bombers directly from the source models
-If possible, support mods in the main RFA
-Add an air race course [suggested by zavaboy]
-Remove custom vehicles from core RFA (my realism mod will take care of it)
-Add kit spawns
-Town buildings spawn when CP captured
-Change filenames to lower-case for Linux compatibility
-Remove space soldier spawns and static aircraft
-Fix airplane ammo boxes (there are 2 on each spot)

Change history

v0.32 [2007-11-06]


 -Painted over track pitstop shadow
 -Repainted track starting line
 -Changed pre-spawn camera position
 -Re-added space soldier spawns to TDM
 -Removed track soldier spawns
 -Removed boundary fence
 -Changed game view distance from 500 to 600
 -Changed fog start from 300 to 200
 -Removed briefing map type
 -Changed map briefing
 -Changed terrain LOD distance from 350 to 1000

v0.31 [2007-09-30]


 -Regenerated mini-map
 -Changed skybox Rotation Angle from 180 to 270
 -Regenerated object lightmaps
 -Merged terrain lightmaps
 -Regenerated surface maps
 -Regenerated terrain shadows at low (1.0) quality
 -Changed Shadow Cull Y from 1 to 10 (I'm trying to figure out what it does)
 -Changed light direction from -0.191/0.45/-0.873 to 0.4/0.5/-0.2
 -Changed Sky Height Offset from 500 to 0
 -Removed runway and space soldier spawns to fix server crashes. I intend to bring the space spawn back when I reorganize soldier spawns.
 -Fixed server crash since 0.29c when a player tries connecting. The cause of this crash and the one below was because I was using too many soldier spawn groups.
 -Fixed server crash since 0.29b when stopping the server with a player in it or when switching from the map with a player in it, sometimes causing a client crash.
 -Fixed dedicated server crash while loading 0.3 with game-event logging enabled in BF Server Manager
 -Changed surface material around track pitstop to dirt road like the rest of the track
 -Removed easter eggs

v0.3 [2007-02-08]


 -Updated loading screen and thumbnail
 -Regenerated mini-map
 -Repainted track start/finish line
 -Regenerated surface maps (which removed painted ground targets and race line) and full quality terrain shadows
 -Added Chi-ha, M10, T34, T34-85, Tiger, and Ho-Ha to hangar 2
 -Moved hangar 1 planes out to the sides of the runway and added a Ju88A to hangar 1
 -Added Aichival, Yak9, and all the other small planes to the sides of the runway
 -Replaced Axis BF109 at the windmill with Ilyushin
 -Added defguns to the main bases
 -Added a crane with rubble to the broken bridge
 -Added a lumbermill next to the french barn and raised terrain under it
 -Added a barrack behind the ditch vehicle repair
 -Added stationary bombers at the really high sky spawn (will need to be improved)
 -Added a couple... let's just call them easter eggs you'll want to find
 -Fixed CTF control points
 -Increased view distance and fog end from 400 to 500
 -Added a Russian barn to the north side of the town
 -Added a French barn next to the windmill
 -Added PT boat repair/supply directly under the iron bridge
 -Added a church on the north side of the forest
 -Fixed really high sky spawn

v0.29c [2006-06-18]


 -Added a river looping from the lake around the windmill with 3 bridges [suggested by Jason9811]
 -Added lots of ground targets around the map (22 to be exact) [suggested by Jason9811]
 -Lowered the really high soldier spawns to half as high
 -Added broken bridge to lake
 -Added a double-plank bridge with guide rails over the track next to the over-track jump
 -Added a bridge at the track over the pit jump [suggested by Jason9811]
 -Removed spawn plank at track to fix server crash

v0.29b [2005-12-22]

(private beta)

 -Added pitstop (repair depot) to race track [suggested by Jason9811]
 -Switched the heavy bomber at the sky control point to spawn Ju88A's for Allies and B17's for Axis and with a quick respawn
 -Raised bottom of race track pit
 -Added a spawning destroyable plank to the track start/finish line (doesn't take damage from bullets or collisions, only indirect explosions)
 -Added some independent soldier spawns at the track and really high up (10 times higher than the sky platform)
 -Removed CTF due to some bugs in Battlecraft (it'll work, but no capture flags)
 -Removed crate spawn
 -Added a couple soldier spawns to the sides at the sky control point
 -Moved hangar planes closer together to allow flying straight out
 -Added backing to medic locker on sky platform
 -Added a short description to the map objectives
 -Fixed lag caused by vehicles at sky control point constantly moving and spawning
 -Added support for StuntsInc mod

v0.29 [2005-05-08]

(private beta)

 -Fixed the "double flags" CTF bug
 -Added medic locker and ammo box to the sky platform
 -Added all land and air vehicles including some new ones to the sky platform
 -Added large platform to sky control point
 -Added support for TurboMOD, InstaGib, and Action Battlefield, also made a minor tweak to the Stunts mod

v0.28 [2005-05-01]

(private beta)

 -Reduced spawn numbers from 100 to 20 for most vehicles and increased spawn distances
 -Tweaked soldier spawn and vehicle positions
 -Removed front planes from hangar 1
 -Cleaned up vehicle spawn groups (especially visible in editor)
 -Tweaked the race track

v0.27 [2005-04-01]

(private beta)

 -Fixed bug causing map to be listed under a new TDM catagory
 -Fixed CTF (still a minor bug, but fortunately doesn't screw up gameplay)
 -Added a jump on the south side of the race track for quicker access to the center
 -Added start/finish line, rumble strip, spikes, and a deadly jump to the race track [suggested by Jason9811]
 -Added sky control point with 2 soldier spawns [suggested by Jason9811]

v0.26 [2005-03-23]

(public beta)

 -Changed thumbnail
 -Added support for CTF and TDM
 -Fixed support with regular BF1942 and the Stunt mod, it now requires an additional small rfa in the Stunt mod levels folder

v0.25 [2005-03-13]

(public beta)

 -Updated loading screen and thumbnail
 -Regenerated surface maps, high quality terrain shadows, object lightmaps, and mini-map
 -Added support for the Stunts mod
 -Added a crate spawn at the top of the bunker ladder in the town
 -Adjusted terrain ramps at the race track to be more gradual
 -Added an iron bridge going across the lake
 -Expanded forest
 -Added stationary weapon spawns to: windmill window, town bunker, cliff tower
 -Added a factory next to the runway

v0.24 [2005-01-29]

(private beta)

 -Regenerated mini-map
 -Regenerated surface maps
 -Added a small jump joined with the bigger jump at the cliff
 -Added a rectangular race track with jeeps [suggested by Jason9811 and MacGyverBFSS]
 -Adjusted cliff soldier spawns
 -Lowered some terrain to reach the ladder (like the trench, but much smaller)
 -Added a ladder to the west side of the walkway
 -Added jeep to the vehicle repair
 -Moved cliff vehicles and flak
 -Removed a jeep from the cliff
 -Added a tank to the cliff
 -Increased plane spawn distances by 1 (not including the heavy bombers)
 -Added a plank to get from the walkway to the trench
 -Added a trench on the east at the end of the ditch to provide another escape
 -Moved ladder at the bottom of the pipe
 -Added a walkway along the back of the ditch level to the bottom of the pipe
 -Fixed vehicles in hangar 2, the two at the north side are Axis and the two at the south side are Ally

v0.23 [2005-01-26]

(private beta)

 -Raised a bit of terrain at cliff edge to act as a jump
 -Added four artillary vehicles to hangar 2
 -Removed anti-aircraft guns from the windmill
 -Removed ramps from cliff
-Updated Battlecraft 1942 to version 2.1


(private beta)

 -Regenerated mini-map with static objects and without ammo box/medic locker marks
 -Added Bocage color fog (starting 300 and ending 400)
 -Changed lighting settings to Bocage as in v0.21, excluding direction
 -Added a ramp on the cliff made of two sidewalks and a building corner with a plank next to it as a kick ramp
 -Added a storage building next to the runway
 -Changed the forest control point name from Forest_Lookout to Forest
 -Removed airplane ammo from bases
 -Tweaked a few object positions
 -Added locker as a backing for medic lockers
 -Added barbed wire to bunker ladder at the maze town
 -Moved base aircraft further from boundary fence
 -Added boundary fence
 -Started from v0.2 due to graphic issues and large size in v0.21


(private beta)

 -Regenerated mini-map with static objects
 -Regenerated surface maps, lightmaps, and low quality shadows
 -Changed Lighting colors and direction to the Bocage settings
 -Changed Sky Height Offset from 150 to 0
 -Added Bocage color fog (starting 400 and ending 800)
 -Increased view distance from 400 to 800


(public beta)

 -Minimap updated
 -Changed axis B17's to Ju88A's
 -Added a temporary thumbnail
 -Added a temporary loading screen
 -Modified spawn distances and times for all vehicles


(private beta)

 -Adjusted cliff jeeps
 -Skybox changed to Bocage
 -Medic lockers added at cliff vehicle repair station and hangar
 -Ammo boxes added (2 at hangar, 1 at town, 1 at cliff vehicle repair station)
 -Airplane ammo added to the runway
 -B17's adgusted and given a longer spawn time
 -Hangar planes adjusted and the front planes given a longer spawn time


(public beta)

 -Added tank (allied Sherman and axis Panzeriv) to the vehicle repair station at the cliff
 -Changed town allied plane to SBD and axis plane to Stuka
 -Added a runway to the hangar
 -Fixed maxNrOfObjectSpawned and set all objects to 100
 -Made changes required for map to work on BF1942 v1.45
-Updated Battlecraft 1942 to version 1.1b


(first public beta)

 -Cliff axis APC changed from Priest to Hanomag
 -Map Name changed from Forest to Stunting Grounds
 -Fixed a bug in one of the hangar planes that prevented it from spawning
 -Terrain and building height edited at town to eliminate gaps between ground and buildings
 -Removed 'Water' text from mini-map texture
 -Low-level shadows added


 -Cliff axis APC changed from M3A1 to Priest
 -Added hangar containing 4 planes
 -Added airplane ammo at both bases
 -Added vehicle repair at the end of the ditch near the cliff


 -Added a small town maze containing a guard tower control point, 3 jeeps, 1 plane, 4 soldier spawns, a medic locker, and an ammo box
 -Moved Lake Lookout to the center of the town
 -Added 6 B17's to the west of the forest
 -Changed some plane spawns to a different plane
 -Added another jeep to the forest


(changes in this version and earlier were not logged when made, the changes listed are from memory and comparison)

 -Fixed problem with a tree on top of another tree


 -Added a forest towards the north-west of the map containing a guard tower control point, 1 jeep, 5 soldier spawns, and an ammo box
 -Removed geometry of the windmill flagpole
 -Edited bottom of cliff so vehicles can slide down without high risk of exploding
 -Edited Lake Lookout to remove gap between ground and bottom edge of the tower base
 -Moved/rotated jeeps and soldier spawns of both bases
 -Removed paved road texture from the long sides of the cliff hill


 -Added a soldier spawn to the windmill control point
 -Moved ladder at the windmill
 -Aligned top cliff plane to the pipe
 -Removed geometry of the Lake Lookout flagpole


(first numbered version)

 -Cliff and ditch containing a control point, 7 jeeps, 3 planes, 4 soldier spawns, a guard tower, a medic locker, 2 ammo boxes, and a long pipe
 -Southwest allied base containing 5 jeeps, 2 planes, 4 soldier spawns, a medic locker, and an ammo box
 -Northeast axis base containing 5 jeeps, 2 planes, 4 soldier spawns, a medic locker, and an ammo box
 -A midsized lake towards the north of the map
 -A guard tower control point on the west side of the lake containing a jeep and an ammo box
 -A windmill control point on the east side of the lake containing a jeep, 3 spawn points, 2 anti-aircraft guns, a medic locker, an ammo box, and a ladder