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JJ's Suggestions

Updated as of Test Release 2.1 - August 21, 2008
Developer comments are in italics.

--Jjxclan 23:17, 25 June 2008 (EDT)
--Pilot_51 03:51, 1 September 2008 (EDT)

1. Stationary Weapons in back of jeep
This will probably be added in r3.
2. Ammo box in back of jeep
Most jeeps didn't carry much ammo other than what the soldiers personally carried, so this most likely will need to pass.
4. Casey Jones in railcars
I don't think they played that on trains in war zones during WWII, but if I find out otherwise I'll consider it.
5. Moveable Circular Saw
I doubt anyone used circular saws in the heat of battle, but it should be easy to do. I'll call it low priority for now.
6. Barn Animals and sound fx
Sound can be done if I find some good sounds I'm legally allowed to use, the animals themselves would be very difficult especially if you want them to move around.
7. Sheath weapons and use fists
Fists are the highest priority melee weapon, but not very high overall. Decent animation skill will need to be acquired.
8. Bayonets
This is definitely needed, but I'll need to work out the controls to do it.
9. The ability to switch classes at a spawn point or headquarters
While I've wanted this feature in BF, this isn't very realistic and it would take quite a bit of work on each and every map. Since it is possible and sometimes logical that a soldier would change weapons during battle, but many times weapons were taken from dead soldiers as can already be done, I'll call this low priority.
10. Show the person putting their head to the scope when zooming.
I think this is important for the realistic feel, but again it would likely need decent animation skills.
11. Get rid of the nametag floating above a person's name (suggested by HKS Snipes)
Most of the HUD if not all of it will be gone within the next few releases, nametags will probably be removed by r2.
12. Fish!
If done right, it could of course add to the realistic feel. Logically I think fish were a rare sight during WWII and it would take more work than it's worth, so I'll need to let this one off.
13. Explosive Red Barrels
I've had some code donated already for this, so all I need to do is find out what exactly makes real oil barrels explode and adjust for it.
14. slower sinking ships
I've been working on this for awhile and can't quite seem to get it right, but don't worry, if it's possible (which I'm certain it is) I expect to figure it out.
15. Bullet energy/Joules a sniper shot should be able to push a enemy like 1m while a Silenced Sten gives him a natural death. (don't know who suggested this, but it wasn't me who typed it)
I looked into this a little bit with tank shells hitting jeeps, since the jeeps popping straight up looked very unrealistic. I haven't found any way to do it yet, but I'm sure I will.

Suggestions made after Test Release 2.1

16. Expack's should have wires and physical limits. For example, no one would have enough wire to detonate an expack from miles away.
True it would be much more realistic, but technically not very feasible with the game engine. I might be able to add a distance limit, so the player needs to be within a certain range to detonate.
17. Flamethrower [suggested by Ruben]
Good idea! I only need a flamethrower model and some proper flame physics.
18. Gun's weren't positioned well in 2.1. The player's chin should rest on the butt of the gun.
If you mean closer to the player in first person view, that's one of the adjustments I plan to do. What you've seen in the test release is the result of adjusting the X/Y position and rotation but not the less important Z position.
19. Kits from fallen soldiers should last as long as the dead bodies.
That's in my plans, expect it by r2.
20. Landmines should be more pressure sensitive. A person who shoots it or even falls on it from a height should detonate it. Likewise, tanks should only blow up if they actually run over it with enough pressure.
Currently landmines explode according distance and I plan to change it to explode on contact, hopefully contact specifically on the trigger part. I don't think I could make it explode with a certain amount of pressure, but I'll look into it.
21. Dead guys shouldn't scream. Some were screaming while being run over.
Yeah that's kinda weird, I'll check it out.
22. Stationary brownings and etc should have a limited bullet count.
The problem with it is that it's difficult to know how much ammo they had and the available ammo varied considerably depending on their situation (for example, a main base would have more ammo than an outpost). I don't expect to be duplicating it for different ammo counts, so I'll probably research for a good median.
23. Ammobox should have a limited amount of ammo
Agreed. I only need to find out how to do that.
24. There should be a pilot class specifically made to fly planes. They should be the only ones with parachutes, too. Realistically, an anti-tank guy would not hop in a plane, then bail out, pull a parachute, and resume his anti-tank work.
I have something similar in the to-do list, which is that players can only use parachutes when bailing from planes. I think your idea is easier to do and more realistic, so I'll replace my idea with yours.
25. I fell through the deck of the Battleship while playing 2.1. You may want to look into this.
Right, I'll look into it. If you can find a way to easily reproduce it, that would be a big help when it comes to finding out if it's fixed.
26. Better eyesight would help. Now that the magnification on all non-scoped weapons is gone, distant characters appear blurry.
Hmm... Get a monitor with a higher resolution? I already have distant texture clarification (anisotropic) in the list, but the only thing that I know blurs the shape of distant objects is the monitor or resolution configuration.
27. Bullet holes shouldn't disappear from buildings.
That's planned and can be expected in r2 if it doesn't harm performance too much