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Read this QR Code with an Android device to go to Lander in the Android Market

Lander is an Android port of the 1990 game by the same name for Windows 3.1, originally developed by George Moromisato.
Full permission and v1.3 source code has been provided to aid in the development of this port.

Lander is free with in-app billing to unlock exclusive gameplay modifications (currently $1 to unlock everything).



These are the gameplay modifications that are available to be unlocked in the current version.

  • Rotation
    • Side thrusters rotate lander instead of changing horizontal velocity

More are planned for future versions!


Dates are based on GMT.

v1.1.2 [2012-06-30]

  • Fix crash when opening Options or exiting in Android 4.0.3 & 4.1.
  • Fix crash when hiding Action Bar on tablets.

v1.1.1 [2011-12-14]

  • Remove touchscreen requirement (makes compatible with Google TV).
  • Increase slider options by 1 step (looping) when clicked. Sort of a lame workaround for non-touch devices, just couldn't find an ideal solution to get left/right D-pad working with it.
  • Fix crash when closing Options within a few seconds of opening Gameplay modifications screen. This was caused by trying to stop the billing service before it started.
  • Fix crash when unlock key contains characters other than letters & numbers. Now entry is restricted to accepted characters.

v1.1.0 [2011-09-23]

This version changed from $1 to FREE in the Android Market!

  • Add option in Controls to scale on-screen buttons using a slider ranging 0.5x to 2.5x with increments of 0.1.
  • Add option in Controls to change on-screen button visibility (opacity) using a slider ranging 0-100% with 1% increments.
  • Add gameplay modification: Rotation.
  • Add in-app billing and unlock keys to unlock gameplay modifications.
    • In-app billing is a bit on the experimental side. From the testing I was able to do (Google severely limits the ability for developers to test with real purchases), it should work fine. If you have any problems with it, please let me know!
    • Unlock keys are only intended for those who have purchased previous versions and for my friends. If you have already paid for Lander, please feel free to use the built-in option to request a key via email.
  • Fix D-Pad not working correctly when assigning key.
  • Fix behavior of Default (classic options) so the changes are visible immediately without automatically restarting the activity.

v1.0.1 [2011-04-27]

  • Add color end game images (they were included with original source but not used in game).
  • Change default setting for improvements from Classic to Improved.
  • Add Classic and Improved presets for improvements.
  • Changed some text for improvements options.
  • Add New and Restart buttons to end game dialog. [suggested by Sum_Wun]
  • Touching anywhere on screen starts game (like original game).
  • Fix version name (wasn't supposed to include "v" prefix, mostly noticeable in Android Market or Application info).

v1.0.0 [2011-04-13]

  • Initial release to the Android Market!

Started development on 2011-03-22.
Received permission on 2011-02-16 and source code the next day.