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Lander for Java is a Java port of the 1990 game 'Lander' for Windows 3.1, originally developed by George Moromisato.
Full permission and v1.3 source code has been provided to aid in the development of porting it.

This is a side project with priority on the Android version and other Android projects, so development may be very slow.



Dates are based on GMT.

Alpha versions

v0.2.0 [2011-08-22]

  • Added names for on-screen values.
  • Reduced speed from 30ms per frame to 50ms per frame, making it easier to play and matching speed of original. Not sure what I was thinking when I set it to 30ms.
  • Added end game dialogs with original images.

v0.1.0-1 [2011-07-23]

  • Fixed applet not working in some cases by packaging image resources differently.

v0.1.0 [2011-07-19]

  • Initial release to web as Java applet!
  • Only basic gameplay is functional. Non-functional or missing: Dialogs (including options), on-screen controls, names of on-screen values.

Started development on 2011-04-13
Received permission on 2011-02-16 and source code the next day